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4 Moving Tips Everyone Should Know

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4 Moving Tips Everyone Should Know

There is a very good chance that you will move to a new home at least once in your life. Actually, the average person (in the United States) moves at least 11 times in their life; but this includes moving into dormitories or college apartments and then from one apartment to another or from an apartment to your first home. And for each and every move you make you learn something else about the process.  But to save you a little time, here are some important Kenwood moving & storage tips:

TIP #1:  Get Started Early

The moment you know you are going to move (even before, perhaps, you have finalized the address) you can start packing. Start boxing up the things you don’t need or don’t use so that you not only have less to do later, but it starts to open up space in your home for more preparation. Then, about two weeks before the actual move you will want to change your residential address so your mail gets delivered when you actually make the move.


TIP #2:  Pack An Overnight Bag

At the same time, make sure that you don’t pack and seal everything into boxes. Put the “non-essential” clothing into storage but pack an overnight bag (or a few nights) including pillows, blankets etc. so that when you do make the move you have a change of clothes (or two). Moving is tiring, exhausting, stressful, and you don’t want to have to unpack right away if you don’t have to. Packing overnight bag—with not only sleeping clothes but also one or two work outfits, too—it will give you a little extra time to adjust.

TIP #3:  Pack an “Immediate Needs” Bin

In addition to packing boxes and an overnight bag, you should also pack a clear plastic bin for “immediate needs,” and label it as such. This bin may contain things that are similar to an emergency fire or earthquake kit; things like plastic cutlery, electronics charging cables, various toiletries, and probably at least one power strip.


TIP #4:  Have a System

Ok, so you know that you should label boxes and store them according to rooms in the house, etc., but you should also have a system. For example, if you hire a professional company or have friends help you move they might not recognize your handwriting. With that in mind, consider using a color coding system so it is much easier to identify which boxes go where.

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