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7 Essential Points To Consider While Choosing Outdoor Plant Pots

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Outdoor plant pots are great even to place in your garden. They are excellent to start a plant with environment protected from weeds and other dominating plants and also from bigger land-dwelling pests.

However, when you set out to shop for pots, you come across such a huge range, that you may easily get confused. Moreover, a wrong pot can be a wastage of money and time, and even harmful to your plant.

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Here are a few tips to make it easy for you to choose your outdoor plant pots according to your needs and choices, and health of your plants.

1. Drainage Holes

You may choose any shape of your plant pot, but dont forget to check that it has sufficient drainage holes. Plants do not only need enough room to grow but also sufficient oxygen for their roots to grow in a healthy way.

Drainage holes let out the surplus water and keep air moving around the roots. If water remains clogged in the soil, the roots will rot and the plant will die.

2. Porosity

Look for the material of the pot so as to check its porosity. Materials like terracotta, paper pulp, timber and other natural materials are porous enough to allow air and moisture to move in and out through them.

This lets the air circulate around the roots and when moisture evaporates, the sides of the pot cools the soil inside thus helping draw surplus water and prevent rotting of roots.

The drawback of these materials is that they dry out faster and therefore need frequent watering.

3. Weight

Soil itself is heavy and when its wet, it gets even heavier. In that scenario, if your container is heavy too, you will find it more difficult to move it.

Amico landscaping specialists recommend considering the total weight of pot, plants, soil, and water of each container. This is especially important if your garden is in a deck or balcony. You may have to consult an engineer about whether the structure can hold the additional weight.

If you are going to move the pots and change the look of your garden often, you better choose pots that are lightweight. Another alternative is to place them on castors before you plant them.

On the other hand, to sustain in exposed and windy conditions, heavy containers may be a better choice for tall or top-heavy plants.

Image Courtesy: amico.com.au

4. Aesthetics

Of course, you want your garden to look beautiful. So, aesthetics is also an important point to consider. Choose various colors and sizes of pots. Carved pots look very appealing and you may choose them if you want to give your garden the look of a collection of sculptures.

5. Time and Cost

Plan time you want to spend in your garden and budget. Depending on your budget, you may want to recycle or reuse containers rather than buying new.

Using repurposed or secondhand containers is also a good idea because you can save money, make use of an object rather than trashing it and offer a character to your garden by being a little creative at the same time.

6. Chemical-free

Plastic and metal containers can leak chemicals in the soil. So you may want to choose chemical-free containers especially if you are going to grow food plants in them.

7. Maintenance

If you have not much time to maintain your containers choose a material that wont need restoration time and again, e.g. wood.

Wooden pots may require to be treated every year with a stain or preservative to prevent rotting and retain their looks. This also adds to the cost of gardening and the chemicals can be risky for health if you are growing food plants in the containers.

Consider these tips so that you can buy perfect containers for your garden. Take a look at outdoor plant pots from Amico and you will get what you need.

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