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7 Things No One Is Telling You About Artificial Lawn Installation

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An artificial lawn may seem like a simple carpet-like piece of decoration. However, to a meticulous homeowner, a synthetic turf is more than that. Below are some facts about synthetic lawn installation no one dares to tell you:

#1 Marking Off During Installation Is Essential.

It can be easily done with an outdoor spray marker. Bear in your mind that artificial lawn installation requires careful planning as it is not a rocket science. Take into account the 3.7 m width of the fake grass to prevent any excess seams during installation.

#2 You Need To Get Rid All Existing Landscape And Sod.

You can either use a shovel to do this manually or simply hire a skilled petrol powered cutter from a reliable equipment center.

#3 You Need To Stop Using A Sprinkler System.

When you have an existing sprinkler system installed in the area, capped it off right away and switch off its valves because fake grass does not need water. Conserve it and save it for things that are more important.

#4 Cut The Synthetic Grass Accordingly.

With the help of a sharp blade of a utility knife, cut the bigger piece of the excess turf. By doing so, it will be easier for you to cut accurately around its edges. After that, check again if the turf is still in the right position prior to trimming its edges correctly.

#5 Dont Forget To Identify If Theres A Surface Depression.

Once the based depression is over 15mm, itshould be filled in and at the same time, re-leveled. Although artificial grass can filter vertically via built-in drainage holes, it is still advised that the base has a little slope away from establishments to prevent having a pool of water during heavy rains.

#6 Using Infill Is A Great Help.

The infill from clean and dry river sand can be utilized through a standard seed drop spreader. For you chosen turf, you should read the product specification of the suggested infill amount. This infill significantly helps in weighing down the sod as well as regulate the fibers, preventing matting and keeping them upright.

If you want to feel softer while walking around the turf, spread rubber granules (however, it isnt advisable on a sloping surface).

#7 You Can Opt For Edging.

Edging simply includes metal edging, natural stone, rock, or timber, which is installed around your synthetic turf. If you dont want to use edging, it would be nice to have regular landscaping nails in every 400mm along the turfs perimeter. This will avoid any lifting.

#8 Hire The Best Installer To Ensure A Flawless Installation.

DIY installation isnt good if you dont have enough time, knowledge, and skills in doing the task. Youll just waste your resources and efforts building something you cant. To avoid this, find a trustworthy contractor in your locality. They should have a proven record of accomplishment in doing this job like what Australian Synthetic Lawns have. Dont hesitate to get a free measuring quote of fake turf in Sydney from Australian Synthetic Lawns. They will be glad to serve you anytime.

Knowing these facts, you may consider now yourself as a more savvy, and educated consumer. Theres nothing to regret for when you purchase this product as it can provide you several years of use, satisfaction, and savings!

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