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Bathroom Design Trends

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Bathroom Design Trends

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9.9 Bathroom Design Trends

Bathrooms today are becoming one of the most used places in the home for you to enjoy. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that it’s a relaxing place for you to be in. If you’re looking to get a bathroom remodeling done, here are a few new bathroom design trends that you can incorporate into your bathroom remodel.

Double Vanities

Double vanities are some of the most popular pieces you’ll find in bathrooms today. This includes 2 sinks and cabinet spaces attached together. This means that double vanities can help to give you extra space in your bathroom. To decorate the vanities, you can put marble countertops on them and hang a large mirror over both of them or separate mirrors over each sink.

Spa Showers

Why go to the spa when you can have one in your home. Spa showers incorporate everything you love about the spa. They’re large, beautifully tiled, and have special showerheads attached to them which are designed to help you relax as you shower. Spa showers can come with windows built into them and even unique faucets and containers so you can store your bathroom necessities nearby.

Heating Mats

One of the newest trends is heating mats. These help to keep a certain area of the bathroom’s flooring warm. So, if you step out of the shower and have one of these heating mats in the floor right next to it, that spot will be cozy and warm as you stand on it.

Colorful Backsplashes

Color can help to add a great personalized touch to your bathroom. You can find unique backsplashes designed exclusively for bathrooms. These can include tiles, granite, and even stamped tin. Some colors that are ideal to use in bathroom backsplashes are greens, whites, and grays.

Vessel Sinks

These sinks are eye-catching because they’re situated out of the vanity. They’re almost like a beautiful art piece that’s intended to be a unique place to wash your hands. You can find vessel sinks in circular or square shapes that have faucets that run water down into them.

Ambient Lighting

Lighting can help to set a calming and relaxing mood in your bathroom. There are plenty of lighting types and models available for you to install in your bathroom. You can find ones made out of chrome, steel, or bronze. There are also lights that look like candles, glass tubes, or have modern designs.

You can place your lights over or under your mirror to help give a unique look to your bathroom. Lights can also be installed around the tub and you can have dimmers installed in them to help you adjust the lighting level to your preference.

These bathroom designs can help to not only make your bathroom look chic and modern, but can help to make it a relaxing place to be in. If you’re looking for a bathroom remodeling Northern Virginia company, check out KBR Kitchen and Bath. They can help to remodel your bathroom so it becomes the bathroom you’ve always wanted to have.

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