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There are some objects in our life where we know they need immediately replacement – a pair of jeans with the seat ripped out or an engine timing belt that sounds like a shrieking squirrel as you cruise down the street. There are some things within the home though that may need replacing before they go completely kaput, with the furnace system being one of them. Although it’s more budget-friendly to wait until the furnace completely dies before replacing it, if it goes down for the count in the dead of our Edmonton winters you may be replacing the pipes, drywall, carpet, Brookcross Heating & Air and more in your home. The following problems / issues are signs it’s about time to buckle down and save up for a furnace replacement.

Frequent Furnace Repairs

If you’re more familiar with the furnace repair personnel than you are with your own family, it’s probably time to start looking for a new furnace. Sure, there are fixes that can be made to get you through another month or two but you’re just putting off the inevitable. Plus the more service calls and parts & labor you pay for the closer you would’ve been to paying off a new furnace anyway. You can expect about 8-12 years from your furnace and once the repairs start frequenting she may be ready to go to pasture.

Energy Bills Rising

Another sign that a furnace replacement is eminent is an unusual increase in energy bills. Granted your heating costs will be a little higher when it’s bone-chilling cold outside but an unusual increase, not caused by a city-wide rate up-hike, could mean your furnace is lagging. The motor might just not have the power to crank out the warmth like it used to but you should also check that the filter isn’t impeded or some other simple fix isn’t the cause.

Not All Rooms Heating the Same

If all the rooms in the house used to heat the same but no longer are, you might have some problems within your furnace system. There’s a couple scenarios where there’s a fault in the actual compressor or maybe even the duct work headed to the chillier rooms. It’s also important to note that the type of flooring will determine how hot or cold a room gets compared to others in the home and not every bedroom has their own thermostat to control its own heating zone. The best bet is to have a furnace replacement Edmonton company check out the root cause of the heating differences.

Furnace Cycles On and Off on an Irregular Basis

One thing about a furnace is that you’ll notice a cycling problem probably on day one. The incessant roaring up of the system, especially in old homes, requires you to have the remote control handy always just to adjust the volume and hear your television. While the cycling is inevitable, if you notice increased running or an irregular run time it may be signs your furnace is failing. On the other hand, it could also be a signal that you have an open window or gaps and cracks in your home that is letting the hot air out.

Experiencing Humidity Problems in Home

You’re going to experience a more humid home in the winter and it’s a wise idea to have a de-humidifier running in the cold months to prevent your lips and skin from getting chapped. That being said an inferior furnace can actually attribute to the humidity problems and if you notice levels that are out of the norm it might be time to investigate. The culprit of humidity problems caused by a furnace is the air it uses to combust and where that air is drawn from so if anything the exhaust and intake may need to be replaced.

Excessive Noises / Clanking From Furnace

Noises out of the ordinary are never a good thing in your home, especially when they come from your HVAC system. There are a number of sounds that could be caused by a furnace, from the pipes expanding and contracting when the heat is on to noises in the actual unit itself. There could be a simple fix such as removing the dirt build-up that is holding down the working parts or something more sinister such as an overworked motor finally breaking down or rattling from a heat exchanger. In any case it’s best to have these noises checked out by a professional as problems such as a gas leak that causes clanging are serious matters.

Dust and Soot Spurts Out

A pretty easy identifier of problems with your furnace is when a blast of dust shoots out like the back of Uncle Buck’s Mercury Marquis. In most cases a dust blast is just caused by dirt buildup but it could also be a sign of ignition problems or the burning chamber and may be an indicator of a fledgling HVAC system.

Rust Around Heating System

A little rust on your furnace isn’t too huge of a deal but excessive oxidation means a problem within your system that needs to be tended to. Eventually the rust will work its way into corrupting the heat exchangers not to mention vent impurities throughout your home. The rust is caused by poor ventilation, excessive water temperature, and humid room conditions that should be renovated before the furnace replacement Edmonton.

While replacing your furnace does represent one of the larger investments in your home, quality of living boost you’ll receive from having a heated home on demand is almost priceless. Add to the fact that most modern furnaces are quite a bit more energy-efficient than their predecessors which will greatly reduce utility bills for years to come. Finally, with government kickbacks for purchasing a furnace with a higher SEER rating the total cost of your new furnace over time is very minimal.

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