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Cleaning Your Kitchen – Keeping It Pest Free

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Not only is cleaning the kitchen important for hygiene reasons, it’s also really vital for keeping the pests away! Keeping on top of the cleaning will stop pests such as mice, rats, and cockroaches from being attracted to your home.

Here are some areas to focus on, to keep the pests out of the kitchen.

Remove Any Grease

When we cook, grease can often fly everywhere. And we mean everywhere! It is so important that you clean up any spilled grease regularly, as it’s a great source of food for pests.

A bit of hot water, soap and elbow grease will get rid of the grease around your kitchen. Make sure your home is cleaned after every use, and clean out those drip pans as often as possible.

Clean The Fridge – Especially Behind It

We’ve all left that one bottle of milk in the fridge a bit too long. But it’s okay for it to happen once in a blue moon. Make sure that you clean out all expired products from your fridge on a weekly basis. It’s also a great idea to empty the fridge completely and give it a good scrub.

The next step is to tackle behind the fridge. Pull it out and clean all of the crumbs and greases from behind there. It’s a hard job, but eliminating these food sources will stop pests invading your home.

Keep Your Bins Clean

Bins are a huge attraction for all manner of pests. Indoor bins need to be emptied daily, and should never be allowed to spill over.

If you have outdoor wheelie bins, make sure that the lid is securely on at all times. It only takes one bag of rubbish to have a full blown rat infestation on your hands.

Clean Out Your Cupboards

Some foods, such as rice and pasta, are a real attraction for cockroaches and rodents. These often get spilled in our cupboards. Once you’ve spotted a spill, clean it immediately. It’s also always good to have a regular clean out of all expired food from your cupboards and give the surfaces a good wipe over with some antibacterial wipes.

Having pests in the kitchen is a serious health risk. If you already have an infestation, it is vital to call a professional pest control service immediately.

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