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Common Signs You Need an Oven Repair

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When your oven stops working it can be a big problem! Particularly if you don’t have a microwave to take its place while you wait for a repair or replacement.

Sometimes it isn’t instantly obvious your oven is about to break down, but getting your oven repaired sooner rather than later is recommended to prevent such a catastrophe. What can start as a minor inconvenience could soon become more far more serious.

So what are the signs that you might need an oven repair?

Uncommon Cooking Times 

Does your oven take longer than normal to cook your usual meals? Perhaps it’s barely cooking the food at all? Or perhaps your oven is cooking too quickly, leading to burnt; tasteless food. It could be due to a simple electrical fault or something more complex. If you notice abnormal cooking times, don’t hesitate in scheduling an oven repair service.

Oven Won’t Light Properly 

Is your oven turning on half the time? Or worse, won’t turn on at all? This could be a sign that you have an electrical problem with your oven.

Not Reaching the Right Temperature

Another sign that you’ve got a problem with your oven is if it isn’t reaching the temperature you set. This is possibly due to a faulty thermostat and can be tested yourself with a home thermostat. While this doesn’t stop your appliance from working altogether, it can be confusing and possibly an indicator of more serious problems with your oven.

Burners Won’t Light 

Are one or more of your cooktop burners failing to light up? If you are cooking with less than 4 working burners, you have reason to schedule a repair. You never know when another might go and you’ll be even less cooking space!

Your Door Seal Is Damaged/Worn 

If your oven’s door seal is worn or damaged in any way, it could mean that you are losing heat, meaning your oven has to work harder and use more energy. Check your oven’s seal as well as hinges/springs from time to time to determine if any heat could be escaping. Not only could it slow down your cooking time, it could be wasting your money too!

These are just a few of the common problems you may experience with your oven. While you can perform checks on your oven yourself, when getting your oven repaired it is essential you leave it to a trained professional, never try to perform repairs on your oven yourself.

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