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An operational furnace is a must-have for these bitter Edmonton winters. More often than not though many citizens take their unit for granted and simply adjust the thermostat and wait for the warm air. The truth is there’s an entire litany of things that should be checked, diagnosed, and maintained that many homeowners are simply ignoring. It’s not that the people are being lackadaisical towards their heaters on purpose, it’s just that they may be misinformed.

There’s definitive maintenance Dewelsh Plumbing that should be followed to make sure the heaters work efficiently in the summer and to get the longest life possibly from the entire system. Here’s a list of things that many people are doing wrong – unintentionally or not – in regards to furnace maintenance.

Not Changing Filter Enough

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to change your furnace filter regularly, at least once a month in the Winter seasons. Almost every problem that arises with a furnace in the Winter – from cold air being emitted instead of hot, having a bad smell come from the vents, the unit not starting up, cycling too frequently, or shooting out black smoke can be traced back to the filter. Having a dirty filter is an inexcusable form of poor furnace maintenance Edmonton, it causes health problems and wears the heater faster all the time while increasing utility bills. Changing a filter literally takes less than a minute and should be practiced and preached upon.

Not Blowing Dust Off the Inner Workings

There are things a homeowner can do to take some of the pressure off the filter as well, mainly clearing all the dust and debris from the interior components of the furnace.  A good form of furnace maintenance is to arm yourself with a can of compressed air and a vacuum three times of year to rid the unit of harmful toxins. The first time to spray off the fan and motor and other accessible components is before the start of the heating season as this limits the amount of burnoff that occurs the first time the furnace starts up. It’s a smart idea to also clean off these parts about the midway of the Winter both to clear the debris that has accumulated thus far and to give a clean boost for the last part of the season. Finally clean off the blower and motor parts after the season ends so they don’t accumulate even more build up over the Summer.

Not Looking Over the Duct Work for Imperfections

There’s more to a trip than just the starting and arriving destinations, there’s the whole path in between. The duct work of a furnace system represents that highway from warm air being created and delivered. If you’re experiencing issues with a furnace it could be because of a bump in the road along that path. The duct work of a furnace can become separated or damaged causing a loss of pressure and an inefficiency of delivering warm air. Make sure to inspect the duct work that you can see as part of a furnace maintenance Edmonton plan.

Not Inspecting Thermostat Settings

Many homeowners don’t look much past ‘on’, ‘off’, and temperature as far as their thermostats go which could be a fallacy to how their furnace is working. There is an ‘auto’ function that can be used so the fan doesn’t run constantly and modern thermostats can be programmed to turn the temperature down while a person is asleep or out of the house. If a thermostat isn’t programmable it can still be adjusted so that the anticipatory settings are changed in addition to some other features depending on the model.

Failing to Lubricate

Lubrication is often not paid attention to as part of a furnace maintenance program, mainly because many modern motors are permanently sealed and lubricated at the manufacturer. Not all furnace motors are of this type though and some have oil ports that need to be lubricated on an annual basis. It only takes about two or three drops of non-detergent motor oil to lubricate the ports but a good number of homeowners are not aware they even exist. In fact, it may be better to call in a furnace maintenance service technician because some units have grease cups instead of ports and locating them behind an access panel can be difficult.

Not Inspecting Furnace Belts

Just like belts in a car, the furnace blower motor contains belts that will inevitably wear out over time. If the furnace belt is not inspected it will eventually break and the motor will run without any air blowing from the vents. Even if the belt doesn’t break a worn or frayed piece will cut down on the efficiency of the furnace as it runs. Worn fan belts are very easy to identify all it takes is a knowledge of where they are located and a part number to use as a replacement.

Not Getting a Yearly Checkup

One of the poorest forms of furnace maintenance is doing nothing at all, mainly not calling in a service company to perform an annual tune-up, usually before the next heating season begins. There are a number of little issues that should be tended to by the professionals that include replacing a thermocouple, inspecting the pressurization of the unit, and doing electricity tests. Having a good bill of health heading into the cold Winter months offers a nice peace of mind.

It’s important to stay on top furnace maintenance, if anything to save yourself money in the long run. There’s nothing wrong with being complacent up until this point but now with furnace knowledge comes furnace responsibility.

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