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Factors Responsible for Foundation Failure and Significance of Underpinning

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When an area in the soil starts to sink, it is called subsidence. If soil shifts underneath a home then the foundation gets damaged and this can affect the structure seriously. Movements under the soil can be due to several factors.

  • Leaky or poor drains
  • Nearby alterations
  • Vibrations
  • Tree roots
  • Settlements
  • Decaying materials
  • Traffic
  • Water table fluctuations

Correctly identifying the movement cause helps to gain long term solution. Foundation underpinning is a good method to bring structure strength back, which is even better. Fortunately, professionals from Underpinning Melbourne Solutions can help to eliminate this subsidence effect and reinforce the foundation.

Some common subsidence signs are –

  • Doors & windows start to stick
  • New cracks more than 3 mm wide on the walls are seen
  • If there is a new extension then visible cracks between the two parts 

Significance of underpinning 

Better load capacity 

Many times, extension or renovation home projects fail to consider foundation capacity. Additions stress out the foundation and it gives way. Therefore, if you desire to add a storey or swimming pool in the existing structure then use underpinning technique. The existing foundation is calculated on basis of original design. Therefore, prior modifications of existing structure apply underpinning to eliminate potential damages, overtime.

Strengthen structures integrity 

Foundation loads can increase dramatically over years because of soil movement reasons given above. It is wise to upgrade other structural aspects like electrical lines and outdated plumbing along with underpinning. It is also a good time for improving structural flooring.

Safer structural support 

Structures foundations management capacities to handle earthquake intensities differ. At some point, foundations lose their structural support. Foundation underpinning helps to fortify the foundation and increase its capabilities to deal with great earthquake intensities. Remember, high magnitude earthquake has the potential to dramatically shift the strongest foundations, so it is important to check after such occurrence.

Once the home gets supported adequately with the help of experts from Urathane Solutions, you can do the cosmetic work. Even patching and painting, before underpinning is waste of money and time. Patching cracks is not successful owing to continuous soil movements, which damages ongoing remedial work.

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