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How Can You Know When It Is Time for A Total Roof Replacement?

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Any specialist in new installations of roofs installations and roof repair will lead the way in telling you what is needed to do after they have inspected your roof. Usually, a roof inspection will be done for you after there has been a week of one storm after another. It should be a local roofing company that has been in the Greater Indianapolis area and not from companies that just move in to make money off the storm damage.

Indianapolis Roofing Contractors

Companies doing roof repair 46202 zip code should be the ones that inspect your storm damage or be the ones that also should inspect your roof to see if it is time for a total new roof installation.Since every new roof install is unique and different local companies need to be the ones you turn to.

Local Contractors

Sometimes the need for a new roof is clear to see. Then there are times when the reasons are not so easy to see. Storm damage can often take months or years to become a real problem. And a new roof might need to be done even when there is no damage. Roof replacement or installation is a major investment for any homeowner. New roofs have significant impacts on:

  • Appearances
  • Home value
  • Function of the house

Been Many Years

If your house meets one or more of the following situations, it might be time to consider a new roof.

  • Do you own a house that you rent out;
  • Are you considering selling the house;
  • Is your current roof 20 years old or older?

Things To Help You Decide For A New Roof

Some things that can help you decide include:

  • Shingling missing or have tears or breaks
  • Some shingles are curled or cupped on the edges
  • Grown over a large area of the roof is thick mold or moss
  • Shingles are bald with extensive loss of granule coating
  • Roofs sheathing is rotten and soft

Replacement of a roof at the right time is important. If you wait too long, other problems can develop and the cost will increase also.

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