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How To Give Your House A Great First Impression

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How To Give Your House A Great First Impression

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10 How To Give Your House A Great First Impression

Front garden is the most common place we see every day so having it in a neat manner will give a good first impression to your house. So, in order to do some front garden design, for yourself use these four tips and make your house a beautiful place that will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Pick the right plants and use paving stones

Pick a type of evergreen plants that remains green throughout the year that doesnt need to be looked after much. Next place some paving stones to create a drive away up to your garage. Dont forget to have a little turf between the paving stones to give it a grander look.

Bring in potted plants

Have a variety of potted plants with various colors ready at the back of your house and also place a set of them along either side of the drive way you made using the paving stones. Also if you can hang few plant pots from your roof it would look nicer but make sure that the pots you use are sturdy so that they dont fall on and do damages to you or to your house.

Place garden lamps

Along the drive way you made place few low cost garden lamps according to a pattern. When choosing the garden lamps use the ones which have LDRs (light dependent resistors) which keeps them off during day time and switches them on automatically during the night.

Have a lawn of artificial grass

Having a lawn is the best decoration to any house but having one will give you lots of trouble. The best solution to this problem is artificial grass. It needs zero maintenance cost and it still gives that view of a lawn. If you can place a pergola at the entrance to your front garden it will add some grandeur as well.

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