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How to Prevent Your Air Conditioner Drain from Clogging?

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How to Prevent Your Air Conditioner Drain from Clogging?

Is your air conditioner drain clogged again? Having a difficult time cleaning it?

Don’t let it clog in the first place! The moisture that is collected by the HVAC system later accumulates on the coils inside the unit. This accumulation clogs the drain line.

There are 2 highly-effective measures to prevent the air conditioner drain from clogging.

1.     Replace Your Air Filter Frequently

The first preventive measure is to keep replacing your air filter every once in a while. The filter catches dust from the air but a lot of it accumulates in it, affecting its functionality and then clogging the drain. Therefore, it becomes important to change it or clean it on a regular basis.

There are two types of air filters:

  • Disposable air filter
  • Reusable air filter

A disposable filter has a cardboard frame but the reusable one has a metal frame. Once, you have identified the type of filter being used in your AC you need to deal with it accordingly. A disposable filter should be replaced the moment you see it clogged with dirt and debris. Hold it up in front of a light to see if any light can pass through. If no light makes it through, you can be sure to replace it.

As for the reusable one, you have to clean it. See the instruction manual for cleaning instructions. However, the most common methods for cleaning are either simply to vacuum the dust away or to wash it thoroughly with water and let it dry before putting it back inside.

2.     Clean the Air Conditioner Drain Regularly

The second prevention is to clean out the drain on a regular basis. Cleaning the drain line requires strong cleaning agents. You can either use white vinegar to clean up or you can use bleach.

3.     Cleaning with White Vinegar

You can use vinegar if the clogging is not very dense. Also, vinegar has a pungent odor but once you wash the drain with plain water, after cleaning it, the odor disappears easily. Also, vinegar has no damaging effects on the equipment or its surroundings.

4.     Cleaning with the Bleach

The ideal chemical to use in cleaning the drain is the bleach. It will clear out the whole thing in a matter of minutes. However, you need to look out for the hazardous effects of the bleach. For instance, if you accidentally spill some in the surrounding area, it can damage the equipment.

 Also, bleach fumes can irritate your throat, lungs as well as eyes. So, you have to be very careful when using bleach.

A clogged air conditioner drain only creates trouble in the functioning of your AC. You have to make sure that your AC is maintained regularly to guarantee its long life and comfort in your home. You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Affordable Air has a full cleaning and maintenance package for your HVAC system which will be done by AC repair specialists. Don’t take the upkeep of your AC lightly. Give it your full attention so that you can enjoy the luxury your HVAC system delivers.

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