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How to Turn your Home into a Hotel with 5 Easy Steps

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When you are basking in luxury 600 thread count linen in a fabulous hotel room, one thought will loom on your mind – how do you leave this splendour, and return to the ‘wilderness’? Wilderness or your home will not have the waffle-like carpeting, furniture you sink into like a cloud and the harmonious scent of lavender and chamomile wafting in the atmosphere. You realise how soon you get accustomed to having a chocolate or confectionery on your pillow on returning to your room. Why this luxurious experience has to end here, you probably ask yourself; the truth is – it doesn’t, and we aren’t talking about extending your hotel stay. Read on to find out how you can recreate your home with plush, well-appointed interiors to make it feel like you are on vacation all year through. We understand that hotels are built spending a few million dollars on interiors; however, there are hacks on how you can recreate a similar and ambience with a few steps.

1) Luxury Bedding & Linen:

Don’t take the phrase ‘A bed fit for a King/Queen’ lightly – bedding and linen would be pre-eminent in a hotel room. Look for supportive mattresses, an elaborate headboard, and plump pillows and coordinate it with the rest of the room, for example, the curtains and walls. Accentuate it with side lamps, cosy chairs, and a desk. Depending on the homeowner, it can have a wide-screen LED television as well.

2) Faux Spa and Stunning Bathroom:

Your bathroom fittings and interior must spell out luxury. You can replicate the same effect with a walk-in shower, preferably in a glass enclosure. The trick is to include bright lights, a galore of toiletries and shelves laden with soft towels – don’t forget luxe bathrobes.

3) A Grand Arrival:Arrival experience is pivotal for a hotel; you can add stunning masterpieces or a beautiful arrangement of flowers at the entrance. If not, optimal use of expansive mirrors, chandeliers, and lighting can provide the ambience of a hotel that can alleviate stress or weariness. If you are at the point of constructing your home, you can add marble or wood to enhance the appearance of your home.

4) Curtains, curtains, curtains:

We cannot stress enough about how important curtains are to re-create a hotel-room effect. Choose from thick brocade to block out lighting in your entertainment areas or add light sheer in gloomy areas of your home. Curtains don’t always have to match the rest of your linen, even contrasting colours work wonders. However, do be mindful of instructions for care.

5) The Right Temperature and Lighting:

By installing a thermostat, you can be in regular control of your home – just like a hotel. A cool temperature during a hot day can help boost your energy and vibe, being too cold or too warm can leave homeowners irritable. Lighting is essential in controlling ambience and mood; look at dimmable lighting fixtures which add to aesthetics and may also contribute to energy-efficiency.

With the above five factors, it’s also essential to arrange and make the most of your space; de-clutter and promote open spaces with and much greenery as possible. These significant changes around your home will liken it to hotels to a great degree – now, all you have to do is enjoy your permanent vacation.

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