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Importance of Steel Tubing in a Long Lasting and Successful Project

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Importance of Steel Tubing in a Long Lasting and Successful Project

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9.8 Importance of Steel Tubing in a Long Lasting and Successful Project

Steel tubing is an integral part of oilfield component. It is also widely used for fencing and constructing home. Almost all the big and small constructional and industrial projects use steel tubing for its durability, attractive look, light weight, rust free, strong, low corrosion and reusable properties. There are many reputed companies like Varner Pipe which supply supreme quality used steel tubing at affordable price.

Huge stock of different sizes, length and grade

The usage of steel tubing differ from customer to customer so does the size and length of individual steel tubing. All the famous supplier keep and maintain huge stock of variable sizes so that they can do prompt delivery most likely within 24 hours of placing the order. Customizing of the length is also done if the available tube length does not match with customers requirement. Steel tubing of different grades are also kept ready so that customer can choose the appropriate grades depending on their project necessity. Steel tubing is of four types stainless, carbon, galvanized and mild steel.

Applications of steel tubing

Due to the unmatched quality of steel tubing like high resistance to corrosion, high temperature and extreme weather conditions compared to pipes of other materials steel tubing has been used in numerous sectors. Some of the common applications are listed below:

  • Industrial project: In all big and small industries most of the components of the machineries are made of steel tubing like hydraulic lift, conveyer bells, mills etc. The fluid, water, gas, liquid waste has been transported throughout the complex by the steel tubing.
  • Construction of home and building: Commonly used in stairway, roof, ceiling and railing of the building. In case of metal building steel tubing act as foundation that holds everything together. Also used for fencing large property like ranch, barn and farm.
  • Home Appliances: Found in refrigerator, sink, toilet, heating system, water filtration system etc. of the home and also in garden tools like grill, shovel, weed whacker etc.
  • Medical equipment: Used in hospital beds, wheel chairs, IV stands, surgical tools, stethoscope etc.
  • Aircraft, military and satellite: Steel tubing is used in military weapons and vehicles. Many components of aircraft like gear landing, motor shafts, exhaust stacks etc. are made of steel tubing. In satellite tubular steel are used for fluid transportation.

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