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Kitchen Design That Works

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Have you come to the conclusion that it is time to start remodeling your home? Maybe you’ve been in it several years and want to bring some life back. Maybe you just bought it, but you knew it was going to need a little TLC. Regardless of the reason, remodeling your home can be a smart move for you both now and in the future.

This is particularly true of a kitchen remodel. This KSI Cabinetry job can cost $30,000 but you can see a return between 50 and 90 percent on that investment. And to make sure you get the most out of that investment, you might think about kitchen configuration and not just install new appliances.


Yes, kitchen configuration can be a smart remodeling tool. The essential work triangle, for example, focuses on the kitchen work triangle. This is, of course, the refrigerator, basin, and the range.  Understanding the spacing in this kitchen will really connect with home cooks who need a space like this.


You could also consider remodeling a kitchen with zone design. This compartmentalizes the space a little, with a specific zone for food preparation, one zone for eating, and one zone for cleaning.


Also called “corridor style,” the galley design mimics the wide—but not deep—long kitchens that you would find on a ship. In many cases, the galley kitchen looks kind of like a hallway. Obviously, this won’t work in every house—and it is not everyone’s cup of tea—but it is an interesting concept that works well when it is needed.


The L-shaped layout helps to keep traffic out of the work areas. Typically in this type of layout, you will see the main wall with cabinets and either the stove or the sink, and then a shorter cabinet installment on the smaller wall. If you add a rolling kitchen island to this layout it gives you, even more, options in terms of food preparation.


If the L-shaped layout appeals to you but you feel you need yet more space, then you should consider the U-shaped layout. This also adds, even more, storage options, since there is another wall of cabinets.


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