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Know the Material Options When Buying Entry Doors in Edmonton

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It is easy to find many windows and doors companies in Edmonton and you can also find a broad selection at home centers and lumberyards. Some companies also allow you to design your own door, especially when you are interested in buying entry doors. The problem is that while you can specify the types of glass and panels you want it would take weeks to actually get your door. However, whatever the option, you need to educate yourself about different materials to select the best entry door. Here are some of the most common options available today.

  • Wood Doors

The most common option is to opt for wood entry doors. They can be really beautiful and versatile. Custom wood doors are available in cherry, oak, maple, mahogany, pine, fir, and walnut. Some pain-grade doors are also available in softwood varieties, such as western hemlock and pine. Some companies laminate two pieces of wood to make the stiles and rails, which in turn help prevent warping. You can also opt for solid-wood doors, but keep in mind that they can be very expensive. If you are interested in prefinished wood doors, it is better to opt for clear finishes and durable stains.

  • Steel Doors

You can put your money on steel doors if you are more concerned about durability and security of entry doors. Steel units are much stronger than fiberglass or wood doors. Moreover, they do not warp or crack and you can easily repair any dings or dents on these doors. They are usually less expensive, but you may have to spend more to buy doors with greater strength steel. Some steel doors are also coated with vinyl or baked-on polyester finish. This makes them resistant to weather.

  • Fiberglass-Composite Door

The best thing about fiberglass-composite entry doors is that they are tough and maintenance-free, and quite suitable for humid and harsh climates. It is possible to have these mimic the look of wood using wood-grain texturing. They can also be stained to match cherry, oak, and walnut. Another good thing about fiber-composite doors is that they come with long warranties.

  • Aluminum Doors

These doors are also like steel units because they usually have an insulation cover, but you can buy these doors through dealers only because they have to be built as per your unique requirements. The good thing about these doors is that they come with a baked-on enamel finish, which means there is no need for painting. While these doors can be quite expensive, they usually come with long warranties.

The fact of the matter is that you can find all sorts of entry doors in Edmonton, but you have to consider your unique requirements and consider your budget before you start searching for the best entry door. They all have some advantages and disadvantages, but you can educate yourself about different designs and materials to make an informed decision.

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