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Pros and Cons of E-Cigarettes

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Every year, nearly 6 million people lose their lives worldwide due to cigarette smoking. Judging by the current trend and statistics, at the same rate, this death toll will rise to nearly around 8 million by the year 2030. Cigarette smoking damages nearly every vital organ of the human body. Over time, long-term smokers are at an increased danger of catching lung cancer and various respiratory diseases.

Witnessing this dreaded history of tobacco smoking, an idea of e-cigarette (or electronic cigarette) was developed with a hope to reduce the usage of traditional smoking.

Even though an E-cigarette is comparatively much better than traditional cigarette due to the absence of harmful substances, it still has its own baggage of certain disadvantages.

The following are some of the pros and cons of E-Cigarettes –

Pros of E-Cigarettes

  • Various harmful ingredients like tobacco, tar and toxic chemicals which contribute to numerous heart and lung problems are not available in e-cigarettes. Instead, e-cigarettes contain nicotine which is a mood altering agent.
  • There are no laws available currently which prohibits people from smoking e-cigarettes in public places. Such laws are only made for regular cigarettes which contain tobacco and other harmful elements that are dangerous and unfavorable for self-health and also for the health of those people who are around him.
  • It is being researched and concluded that smoking of e-cigarettes reduces the desire to smoke tobacco cigarettes. It is a huge boost for the safety of tobacco cigarette smoking people as consuming a Nicorette inhaler is better and more tolerable for health than consuming toxic chemicals in a regular cigarette.
  • E-cigarette smoking also concerns with potential financial savings. Even when regular E-smokers decide to purchase an e-cigarette starter kit and e-liquid refills, the monetary amount spent on an average weekly basis is still low as compared to the money spent on multiple regular cigarettes purchased on a daily basis.
  • It is being studied that passive smoking (or second-hand smoking) is one of the most harmful features of tobacco smoking. Its scent and odour are extremely hazardous to the health of bystanders. In short, even non-smokers consume tobacco unknowingly in the form of passive smoking. On the other hand, vapor generated by e-cigarette is completely different from the harmful smoke generated by the tobacco cigarettes. It has a very delicate scent which most people standing nearby cannot even detect and it lasts only for a few seconds.
  • E-cigarette users report a better health in comparison to the regular smokers due to the absence of harmful substance in the product. All that without losing the smoker tag.

Cons of E-Cigarettes

  • E-cigarettes are still fairly new to the market and hence, long-term studies of its ill effects are yet to be done. People prefer e-smoking against regular smoking for simple health purpose but they may be unintentionally putting themselves in danger by ignoring its long-term effects on health.
  • Since there are no federal restrictions applied on the sale of e-cigarettes by the government, young children and teenagers who have never smoked any kind of cigarette before can develop a habit of smoking even tobacco cigarettes once they are exposed to e-smoking. Therefore, it is necessary for the government to put an age limit for the consumption of e-cigarettes.
  • In spite of the absence of major harmful substances in e-cigarettes, some e-cigarettes still contain nicotine which is highly addictive. Due to the absence of age limit for purchasing such cigarettes, teenagers may start a lifetime addiction to nicotine through e-cigarettes.
  • An e-cigarette, just like many other electrical gadgets, runs on battery. There is a certain risk of battery explosion in an e-cigarette which can cause severe injuries to its consumer. Since it is used for smoking, an explosion in the battery can result in some serious injuries in mouth, tongue, and teeth.
  • Unlike traditional cigarette packaging, where all essential instructions, health risks, and its proper dumping procedures are mentioned, e-cigarette packaging loses a very simple and conventional battle. It fails to mention the simple procedures regarding its leak in cartridges which could risk an excessive exposure to nicotine.

Since there is no restriction for e-smoking even in public places, people tend to smoke more in such places where regular smoking is strictly prohibited. It gives the regular cigarette smokers a less of an incentive to quit or at least cut back on their own harmful smoking.

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