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Replace Asbestos Fencing with Traditional and Modern Railing Materials

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Asbestos material is comprised of tiny fibres and is fire-resistant and very durable. It is a good source for insulation and is very affordable. Therefore, it was used as binding agent in several construction materials in plenty of Canadian homes and buildings. It is found in items like roofing shingles and felt, boiler and pipe covering, caulk, latex and textured paints, putty, electric blankets, ironing board pads, fencing, etc.

In late 1980, use of asbestos as building material was banned because due to deterioration tiny asbestos fibres become airborne and cause serious health issues. Children get affected soon because their lungs are too small.

If your Calgary property has asbestos fencing then you need to remove it. Certainly, you can paint the fence to reduce exposure and risk, but total removal is a surefire safe way. In some circumstances total removal is not recommended as it is not feasible. You can approach Asbestos Removal Calgary services for free inspection.

Selecting new fence material 

When you decide to remove the asbestos fencing, you will also need to determine the new fencing material.

Traditional fencing materials 

Materials like stone, timber, steel, bricks, and wrought irons have been used for centuries for fencing.

  • Stone fences last for eternity and need little maintenance.
  • Brick fences need professional mason, but may need recurring repainting.
  • Steel and wrought iron fencing are sturdy and offer decades of usefulness but also accompany a huge risk of rusting.
  • Timber is a cheaper option for installing new wooden fence and even its repair cost is less.

Modern fencing materials 

Modern technology has offered materials like aluminium, glass, vinyl, and PVC fences. These modern materials are designed for easy use. It just needs water for cleaning, so the job gets done with a hose in few minutes. Vinyl, PVC and aluminium railings are best options for residential projects. Glass fences are strong but work well near a pool.

Select fencing material after determining the purpose. For example, PVC and vinyl are not appropriate choice, if the purpose is for security. They don’t possess the raw strength you can obtain from steel or wrought iron material.

It is wise to consult professionals, so as to determine, if replacing or fixing your asbestos fence is feasible or not.

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