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Replacing Your Furnace Filter

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Replacing Your Furnace Filter

If you have just acquired a forced-air furnace filter, you might not know that a furnace filter needs to be replaced after a certain time. You might not be aware that your furnace filter needs to be replaced every other month in order to keep it running efficiently and help prevent pollutants from entering your living space.

The good news is that furnace filter Toronto has now made replacing your worn-out furnace filter a simple task. Once you make up your mind to change your filter, there are ways to execute the plan of replacing your furnace filter. When you buy the wrong furnace filter, it could block the air instead of cleaning it.

Here are tips that furnace filter Toronto are using to replace furnace filters.

Remove the Old Filter

Remove the existing furnace filter which will be located inside the furnace or inside the return air vent. Look for an arrow on the filter showing a sign that depicts the flow of air.

Using a permanent marker, draw the airflow direction on the outside of the furnace, so you will always know the correct way to install the filter. Take note of the furnace filter size, which is usually printed on the cardboard frame.

Get the Right Replacement

Furnace filters are usually sold at home centers, hardware stores and online. When it comes to getting quality furnace filter, we offer you the best furnace filters in Toronto.

Disposable filters are usually between 1 or 2 inches thick. If you choose the wrong size, then you provide inlets for dust, hairs, dirt, etc to get into the filter. This can shorten the lifespan of your filter and will also dump dirty air into your home.

Another consequence of installing a wrongly sized is that it restricts the amount of air passing through it at a different rate.

Power off Your Furnace

This step is the one that ensures the longevity of your filter and that of your furnace. If the furnace is left one while you change it, there would be a high amount of dirt and dust flowing through the furnace.

Turning off the furnace can prevent your furnace floor from ripping off upon installation. Turning off your furnace filter also means that there is no airflow to ward off while installing the new one.

Locate the Filter

Most furnaces will have a slot for the filter where the cold air return meets the furnace. Simply look for a large rectangular duct that meets the base of the furnace, this will most likely be where the filter is located.

There should be a small slot with a cover that slides off to reveal the filter.

Replace With New Filter

In the process of sliding your old filter our and the new filter in, ensure to face the new furnace the right way. Make sure you face the furnace filter so that the arrow on the side is pointing in the direction the air will be flowing. The air flows from inside that rectangular return duct into the furnace.

Contact us today to help replace your furnace filter.

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