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Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner and its Review

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Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner and its Review

Rug Doctor is a leading DIY home and office carpet and rug cleaner. Rug Doctor keeping their reputation ahead make an excellent Deep machine, which is holding its name Deep Carpet Cleaner, a rug doctor steam cleaner. This is an award-winning machine and it delivers world class quality.

Power of AWARD-WINNING Cleaning

This machine can remove stains as well as bacteria with just one pass, most of the other machines in the market fails to do so. The Carpet & Rug Institute awarded gold standard recognition to Deep Carpet Cleaner for the performance it shows on soil and water removal, but without hampering the materials with which the carpet is made up with. At the time of cleaning the grooming brush will leave the carpet polished and plush.

Apart from the regular cleaning feature, Super Boost Spray function is also available in the machine for stubborn stains. All you need to do is increase the dial, and it will release extra boost of detergent to fight with the stubborn stains. It can fight with any kind of stains on your carpet or rug effectively and will not damage your carpet.


The dual brushes present in the Rug Doctor steam cleaner can clean the carpet deeper from every angle. The machine also offers powerful cleaning technology. It makes the carpet of the rug dry very fast.

Deep Carpet Cleaner will never leave your carpet damp for hours as other carpet cleaner does. The advanced technology machine has an advanced suction technology which is designed to suction as much as moisture possible.


  • Carpet & Rug Institute has given it a gold standard.
  • Power of high cleaning of 11 amp.
  • The spray function is super boosted.
  • Time of drying is fast.
  • Removable tanks can be easily refilled and emptied.
  • Handles ae collapsible which makes it of compact size and can easily be stored.
  • For tight corners removable caddy is available.


  • A bit of heavy, 12.5 kg when empty for home carpets.
  • A little slow but cleans in one pass.

Rug Doctors once again has bought a user-friendly machine as Deep Carpet Cleaner. For example, the removable caddy. Removing and emptying it is simple.


The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner lives up to what it is made to do. It keeps its brand reputation high with its superior performance. It is user-friendly, as well as has excellent power for cleaning. It dries off the carpet very fast too.

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