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Smart Home Security Is a Lifestyle, Not a Gadget

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What would you say if someone told you that automation is one of the best things that ever happened to the home security market? It turns out that may very well be the case. Smart home technology has done more than just change the way we do a few basic household tasks; it has also changed the way we look at our homes. Thanks to the goals of automation, home security is no longer just about gadgets. It has become a lifestyle.

The best way to understand this new home security outlook is to start by analyzing what home security once was. For that, we go back to the earliest security systems first sold the 1970s and 80s. These were wired systems that took the concept of corporate security and brought it to the residential neighborhood.

Hardware and Monitoring Services

The first generation of home security made DIY installation and monitoring almost impossible. Wired technologies were complex and often required significant construction. Installing a home security system in an existing property meant major work that was often controlled by local code enforcement regulations. As for monitoring, there were no options for doing it yourself. Everything had to be run through the company that provided the equipment and installation.

According to Uxari, a DIY home automation, and security company, the old model existed out of necessity. The technology just wasn’t there to do things any other way. But with that necessity came a business model that focused primarily on selling services rather than hardware. Hardware was simply a door into a customer’s home where monitoring services could be sold.

This way of doing things worked well for its time. But it morphed into a business model that focused on the industry rather than the customer. Home security companies eventually lost sight of the fact that the whole point of their mission was to help customers improve home security without breaking the bank. To some extent, that mindset is what made it so easy for wireless home automation and security to penetrate the marketplace.

Integrating Automation and Security

With the introduction of the internet and home networking came the possibility of creating a new home security paradigm based on the widespread adoption of wireless networks. The industry only needed to wait until wi-fi became commonplace. Once that happened, the market was ripe for new wireless home security and automation.

Today’s widespread proliferation of wireless home automation and security speaks for itself. Between wi-fi, Bluetooth and a number of other wireless protocols, the possibilities are looking less limited every day. That leads to the idea of smart home security being a lifestyle rather than just a gadget or two.

Uxari says that when you show people the tools available to make their homes smarter, they are at least intrigued enough to take a closer look at the possibilities. Put those tools in their hands, and they are very likely to embrace the smart home with open arms.

The smart home mentality is one of using technology to make a home safer and more secure. But it’s also about living your life without having to constantly think about your thermostat and video cameras. Homeowners want to be able to program their systems and then promptly forget about them. And when that’s possible, they can live more efficient and secure lives in a way that is organic.

Smart home security is not just a bunch of gadgets programmed to communicate with one another. It is a lifestyle. It is a way of thinking about your home and living in it.

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