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Soda Blasting The Perfect Cleaning Solution

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Soda blasting is widely preferred in many industries due to its accuracy and speed in cleaning, smoothing and removing surface finishes. Typically, it entails blasting any surface with a media to get rid of either the paint, dirt or the existing surface finish.

Not to mention, Soda blasting is one of the contemporary technologies that can safely remove paint from virtually any surface. At first glance, it may seem as though soda blasting and sandblasting share some similarities. However, this is far from true. While sandblasting uses sand which is a heavy, hard material that will tear plastic, pit glass and etch metal, Soda blasting is nothing like that. A typical soda blasting media consist of Sodium Bicarbonate that is molded in a large crystal-like shape. When the crystals hit the surface you intend to clean, the crystal explodes outwards and the force produced is what strips the paint, grease, mold, rust, dirt or pre-existing finish off.

Soda blasting offers a special and efficient solution for refurbishing or restoring any surface. From large industries to that delicate small home job that requires surface cleaning, soda blasting is used across a wide range of different projects, bringing the same accuracy and speed it is synonymous with. In addition, the soda blasting process will do no harm to the main surface of the material; and it can be repainted or finished right after the process is complete.

This makes it very useful in flood or fire home restoration projects. Soda, the environmentally friendly media, can clean wood, metals, and stone, making their every detail shine like brand new. Soda is bio-degradable and environmentally friendly. Other blasting materials such as recycled glass/calcium are also viable media alternatives that do not affect the environment either.

Soda blasting can be adopted across a wide range of industries and circumstances. These include industrial hot zones, antique features, vintage cars as well as restoring architectural metal and wood features.

The techniques adopted will go hard on any rust, mold, paint or dirt and at the same time take absolute care not to damage any original feature of the surface. However, by adjusting the air flow rate and using different blasting media for different materials, you can achieve the desired result on virtually any surface.

Some examples of groups or people that can use soda blasting techniques include;

  • Boat owners
  • Builders/stonemasons
  • Insurance brokers
  • Property developers
  • Private Landlords
  • Car owners

Proven test and result has demonstrated repeatedly that Soda blasting produces:

  • Effective and precise results
  • Highly affordable and cost effective when compared with other alternatives
  • Completely non-intrusive and noninvasive method
  • Bio-degradable, green and environmentally friendly solution

Soda blasting marks a new dawn in surface cleaning one that is free from the use of harsh and toxic chemicals to clean and protect a wide range of surfaces ranging from metalwork, and stonework, to woodwork.

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