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Spain Budget Travel Guide: 3 ways to save in Spain

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If you’ve been making a plan to holiday in Spain you will not be the only one. This year, as with the last 10 years, Spain will be Europe’s favorite holiday destination. Spain is a country which is packed with adventure, culture, and history. Add to this, amazing weather, stunning beaches and nightlife second to none and you have a holiday which dreams are made of.

But even though Spain easily figures among Western Europe’s cheapest destinations, with a good dose of common sense, you can stretch those euros even farther on your amazing Spanish adventure. Here are our top 3 tips for saving money on your Spanish holiday.

Choose when you want to go carefully

Going on holiday in Spain out of popular traveler season can mean the world of difference for your budget. Usually August is among the cheaper times to visit Spain. During August, big cities such as Seville, Barcelona, and Madrid are hot and most of the locals are on vacation. During these hot times, many locals opt for holidays abroad making these cities more financially friendly.

Another great tip is to avoid the major events in Madrid and Barcelona. As far as possible try to plan your holiday around avoiding major events in the bigger cities. In February for example, Barcelona is host to the Mobile World Congress. During these events, finding accommodation can be quite expensive. As a second example, in September, Madrid usually hosts the Madrid Fashion Week. Around this time you can expect to pay double or triple for a room in the city.

How to get cheaper flights to Spain

There are a number of low-cost airlines which offer flights to Spain. You also need to know that you do not have to book a round trip. You could book single one-way trips and this will mean that you land in Madrid and travel north before heading home from Barcelona. You also do not have to fly to a major city, there are a number of smaller cities which also have airports.

When making use of an airline for your travel you could opt to add a stopover onto your itinerary, this will further reduce the cost of your airfares. Not flying directly to your destination is not the end of the world either; you could have additional opportunities to explore an area you previously never thought about. Valuvillas, local estate agents in Javea, have noticed a significant rise in tourism in the area over the last 12 months.

Don’t take a taxi while on holiday

Before you pick up your bags and call for a taxi, you might want to take a look at the cheaper travel options. These include the subway or a bus. Weigh up your options. You might also find that you could see a lot more on the bus as opposed to the taxi. Alternatively, once you are settled at your holiday destination you do not have to rely on vehicle transport at all. Why no see if you can hire a scooter or bike for the holiday this will also make touring around much easier.

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