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Tips for Clearing a Tree from Your Garden or Backyard

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Having trees out in your garden or your backyard is a fantastic idea. Not only do trees add aesthetic appeal to your place but they also offer a number of other benefits. For starters, trees help generate oxygen during the day, which can improve the quality of the air that you breathe. Moreover, trees also add a very peaceful look to the house. While it’s great to have trees out in the garden or your backyard, you should know that they require regular maintenance if you want them to keep looking good.

If you are not careful with maintenance work and regular pruning, it won’t be long before the tree branches overgrow and start touching the roof of your house. In fact, an unkempt tree could easily be infested with pests and if there are branches touching the roof of the house, they could prove to be the perfect entry point for pests to infiltrate your property. On top of that, an overgrown tree will completely hide your property from view, making it obscured. If you have a tree in your garden or your backyard that you feel needs to be cut down, it’s important that you follow the steps listed below.

Call a Tree Clearing Company

The first thing that you need to do is to call a local company that specialises in tree clearing in Perth. It’s very difficult to bring down a tree all by yourself. Not only do you have to worry about cutting down the tree alone but you also need to figure out where the tree will fall. If you cut down the tree straight from the ground, there’s a chance that it will topple over and damage your property.

Tree clearing companies work with professional arborists and tree surgeons who have lots of experiencing in felling and clearing trees. The company will send over a team to first inspect the tree and then give you an estimate for the costs of cutting it down. They will also give you a brief rundown of just how the tree will be cut down in order to prevent any sort of collateral damage to the property.

Stump Clearing

The tree is usually cut down at a point that lies a metre or two above the ground. Once the tree has been cut down and removed from the property, the company will grind the stump all the way into the ground as well. This will remove all traces of a tree that once stood in its place. You won’t need to do much at all as the company will handle each and every thing for you. This is a brief guide to clearing a tree in the garden.

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