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Tips On Buying The Right Quilt Cover Sets For Your Home

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Usually, we use covers on a quilt for protecting the quilt from getting discoloured and also to beautify the bedroom. Although most quilts come in white, but you can be little creative and match the cover with either the wall colour or bedcover.

Here are few tips that you need to know before you buy quilt covers.

  • Cover Size

The cover has to be bought after knowing the size of the quilt and the bed otherwise you might end up buying a misfit one.

  • Choose the Right Design

Based on the designs, the price of quilt cover varies. Though the majority of covers available in the market comes in the same pattern, but if you look for exclusivity, you may end up finding some exquisite fabric pieces patchwork covers for your quilt. If you can’t afford to spend more, go for a simpler one. The rate is dependent on factors, like material, brand and so on.

  • Choose the Right Material

Apart from size and design, the material is also a significant factor that affects the price. Silk, cotton mix, flannel, pure cotton and synthetic materials are some of the common materials used in the making of quilts. The price of the quilt covers is dependent on the material you choose.

Cotton is the most commonly used material. You will get various options in cotton, as the price goes up. If you are buying it for winters, flannel or wool covers are the best option. For elegance, go for satin or silk covers.

  • Other Features

Other features which some of you might consider is the cleaning and maintenance work. Make sure the cover can be washed and dried in a washing machine.

Choose the colour very wisely. The colours shouldn’t fade after repeated washings. In that case, go for a good brand.


To sum up, if you are dust allergic, go for hypoallergenic covers. If you want easy cleaning, cotton blends, cotton or polyester are best choices. The key points will certainly help you in making a good purchasing decision.

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