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Trying To Add A Fireplace In Your Home? Here’s The Way To Do It

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Trying To Add A Fireplace In Your Home? Here’s The Way To Do It

Adding a fireplace in your home, either a new home or renovating your old house, will no wonder add comfort to your living space but also will increase the value of your home.

Which type of fireplace should you get, wood or gas?

Wood fireplaces are now slowly disappearing. Though once they considered supreme and matter of status symbol. There are two significant flaws associated with wooden fireplaces.

  • They utilize a lot of energy.
  • They are a hassle to operate.

The gas fireplaces these days are made energy efficient. They are also made such that if you want to operate them, you will find them exceptionally easy to operate as they have different options for ignitions, but they are not good for the environment and health.

Electric fireplaces are the only greener version of fireplace available, and you can have them for warmth in the chilly cold weather and enjoyment in the summer.

What is electric fireplace?

In simple words, an electric fireplace is used to heat your room when it’s cold, though looks like a traditional fireplace like gas or wood fireplace, they do not require any vent or any professional installation.

Types of the electric fireplace:

  • Draws cold area from an area, heat them with the use of their coil and push them towards the area where heat is required with the help of a fan.
  • The infrared electric fireplace uses the infrared technology to keep the room warm.

In both the cases, there would be no fumes, mess or dangerous gas.

Most electric fireplaces cover 400 square feet area, and all-electric fireplaces have heating control so that you can set up the heat as much as you need.

The big point is that electric fireplaces are much safer compared to traditional ones, especially with children and animals around the room and also they are better for the environment.

If you are living in Toronto, you can search for Amantii fireplaces in Toronto and get more in-depth details about electric fireplaces.

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