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What Are Growing Tents And How To Select A Good Growing Tent For Your Crops

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9.95 How To Select A Good Growing Tent For Your Crops

The climate of our world is becoming more and more unfavorable by the day for plants. So throwing around seeds and letting the nature do all the heavy work would not be a good option for many farmers. To face this problem scientists have invented grow tents which helps in setting up an artificially controlled growing environments indoors.

A typical hydroponic grow tent comprises of a canvas material laid over a metal frame. The fabric has an inner reflective surface to reflect the light throughout and provide efficient lighting to the crops inside the tent.

It also has CFM (cubic feet per minute) fans, carbon filters, temperature controls etc. Instead of rooting up the plants in a soil these kinds of tents has a mineral nutrient rich liquid medium to root the plants. Knowing how to pick a better grow tent will help you to get a good profit in the long run. So here are few facts that you might want to keep in mind if you want to buy a tent to grow your crops.

Pay attention to the outer fabric material of the tent

These kinds of tents come with fabrics that are thin or thick. Thin fabric material tents are very cheap but will get you into loads of trouble in the long run. This is because thin fabrics tend to tear up due to constant use.

These tears will let light escape and the purpose of the tent will be lost, reducing the light supplement for your crops and providing pathways for microorganisms to come in and ruin your crop. So remember to choose a tougher fabric (A fabric material with higher D value in the range of 600-900D) when buying a growing tent.

Check for the strength and thickness of the frame

These types of tents are supported by a frame and it bears most of the tents weight. Heavy duty steel frames are ideal for the tents but they are quite difficult to use, due to their weight and cost. Generally thicker frames are more durable. So when you buy a growing tent make sure you buy a tent with a thicker frame even if its not a metal frame.

Choose the tents that offer more specifications and extras

Most of these tents come with all build in features like CFM fans, temperature controls, carbon filters and growing mediums but some even offer extra features like tool pockets and viewing windows. So remember to select the tents with maximum amount of features to make the most of it.

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