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What Are the Different Applications of a Belt Sander

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Sanders is a very efficient tool that helps in sanding a large space easily. There are manual and electric slanders available depending on the requirement of the job. A sander tool can perform a variety of functions on the surface of the material. Learning about the type of application will make it easy to select the right type of slander.

What are the different types of slander available on the market?

There are different types of slanders available on the market. These are:

  • Orbital sander
  • Electric Sanders
  • Bench sander
  • Finger sander
  • Detail sander
  • Belt sander
  • Floor sander
  • File Sander
  • Disc sander

What are the different types of motions performed in sanders?

For different types of applications, sanders perform different types of movements. These are:

  • Orbital – In this type of motion, the entire sanding plate rotates in the form of a small circle. This causes every particle of abrasive to follow the same move.
  • Belt – In this type of motion, sanding is performed in a single This helps in removing any type of scratch marks that are present along the direction in which the belt is moving.
  • Rotary – In rotary movement, the entire sanding disc revolves in a circular direction. The outer edge of the disc moves rapidly than the central region. The purpose of this mechanism is to subject the surface to differing degrees of sanding.

Uses and pre-requisites of different types of slander tools

Electric slander tool

This tool works on either 220v or 230v or 110v. It is best to be used in places where mains power supply is available or a minimum of 110v transformer is there. This tool is used to sand large areas with great ease and efficiency. http://www.nuttydiy.com/ is your one stop shop to get an extensive collection of belt sander for different types of jobs.

Cordless slander tool

If you want to sand an area where there is the absence of any mains supply, then this is the tool that you can use. Such types of tools are battery operated devices that need a single Lithium-Ion battery to operate. You can even go for the one with a detachable battery, so that when the battery discharges you can replace it by a new one and charge the former one.

Orbital sander

This is the commonest form of electric slander that is available with different shapes. Common ones are rectangular, circular and round shapes. Rectangular, as well as square sanders, come in different sizes to easily work on half, 1/3rd or 1/4th size of sandpaper sheet. The base plates of these sanders easily fit into irregular areas like window frames, small sized items, and furniture, etc.

Detail sander

This slander comprises of small and pointed base plates that make them perfect for sanding regions where other sanders are unable to reach. These are the corners and very small areas of windows, walls, doors, furniture, etc.

Belt sander

If you want to perform light sanding work and remove surfaces at a fast rate, then belt sanders are the best tools available to be used. The only downside of this tool is that you may not get the as good finish as you achieve using an orbital sander.

One important thing when using this tool is that you need to be very cautious about the direction and speed at which the belt is moving. You need to regulate it at regular intervals of time as per the finish you desire otherwise you can get scratch marks or over sanded surface. Both of these can diminish the entire look of the surface. Bench mounted belt sanders are perfect for the small sized workpiece. For larger areas, handheld ones are appropriate.

Bench sander

They are similar to belt sanders with just a single variation that they incorporate a rotary sander. This is a tool that fulfills two purposes. Not just it sands a surface but also shapes them as well. These machines are highly effective and make quick and easy removal of material from a particular work piece.

File sander

This tool is also popular by its another commercial name finger sander. This tool has a very thin sanding belt of a size of 12.5mm. This makes it appropriate to reach very narrow places in between furniture, window frames, door, etc.

Disc sander

As the name implies, this sander tool has got round discs that spin at a different speed. Its outer part rotates at a faster pace than the central part. Due to this movement, they are highly effective to achieve a fine finish on large regions of the flat surface material.


Sander is a functional tool that is very important when your house needs to be remodeled.

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