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What To Consider When Choosing A Data Backup System?

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Choosing a data backup solution should be done with utmost care. Although you find a host of data backup services out there, these solutions are not created equal and could vary enormously for co-located hosting. It is true that the majority of services may offer excellent protection for your important data. While some of them just cover your data, others may cover the entire system. Some of them will ensure that your system is recovered quickly in the event of a major problem. Some of these services even guarantee the safety of your systems from physical risks such as floods, theft, and fires.

There are legalities and data protection policies also to be considered when choosing the right system. In fact, some cloud backup solutions on the market may not be the best option for a UK business due to where the data is being ultimately stored.

Should You Opt For A Full System Or Data Only Backup Solution?

Data Only Backup

Backing up your data is a great place to start. If your IT system fails, it will allow you to safely recover all your important documents, financial information, and emails. The disadvantage of this solution is you have to create everything else on your system from scratch. It may take several days to do this.

System Level Backup

When you choose this solution, the whole of your server or PC will be backed up by the service provider. All the data, as well as the system software and settings, are backed up. You can restore the entire system in its entirety if something goes wrong. You will not have to reinstall or reconfigure important updates to the system. This can save you a lot of time. It dramatically reduces the time your PC or server would be unavailable.

On Site And Off Site Backup Solutions

On-Site Backup

The backup copy is stored in a device on the same premises where the computer is being backed up. The advantage of this solution is the ability to copy higher volumes of data locally. In fact, large system backups are easier to manage with such a solution. It is also not reliant on the availability of the internet.

Also, accessing the data that needs to be restored is much quicker and easier compared to retrieving the data from a remote site over the internet. The only disadvantage is this method will not protect your data against local disasters such as floods, theft, and fires.

Off-Site Backup

The backup copy is made at a location that is entirely different to the location where the data is being backed up. It is done over the internet. The advantage is the protection it offers against local disasters such as theft, fire, and floods. The disadvantage is the solution depends on the internet connection and bandwidth. This can limit the amount of data being backed up and the backup frequency as well.

How To Choose The Right Backup Solution For your Business?

Each business has a different requirement. You need to consider the potential risks and vulnerabilities of your business when choosing the right solution. You need to understand what is important to your business before implementing the right solution. If you are in doubt, it is best to ask an expert.

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